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Advanced Dive Course

Increase your diving opportunities, Dive deeper, Dive at night, Dive for longer. Take your diving to the next level and start sampling some specialty courses.

  • Age:
  • Duration:
    2 - 3 days
  • Max dive depth:
    30 meters
  • Price:
    5.400.000 IDR
Advanced Open Water Diver Course Gili Trawangan Manta Dive

Finished your Open Water Diver Certification and ready for the next step? The Advanced Adventurer Certification will allow you to expand your skills and increase your confidence in the water.


Advanced Dive Course on Gili Trawangan

The Advanced Dive Course on Gili Trawangan, also know as the Advanced Adventurer course, consists of 5 dives over 2-3 days with much less focus on theory and much more focus on the practical side of diving. You’ll get to chat with your instructor and choose 3 different specialties you’d like to do, Night Diver, Nitrox diver and Naturalist being the most popular. You will also do a Navigation dive and Deep Specialty Dive (30 meters).

The Advanced Adventurer Certification will qualify you to dive anywhere in the world up to depth of 30 meters, giving you even more access to the underwater world. The course will increase your confidence and independence as a recreational diver and as the diving around the Gilis is generally better in the 20-30m range you'll get to experience some of the best diving the Gili Islands have to offer.

During the course your dive instructor will be helping you to improve your general diving skills, helping you to improve your bouyancy and your air consumption as well as improving your general safe diving practices.

Advanced Dive Course Specialties

Underwater Navigation: Learn to navigate using both a compass and natural navigation techniques to find your way around underwater. This is a compulsory dive as part of the Advanced Course.

Deep Dive: Learn to dive down to 30 meters and increase your diving opportunities.  This is a compulsory dive as part of the Advance course.

Enriched Air Diving (Nitrox): An introduction to diving on Nitrox. Extend your allowable bottom time and increase the safety factor.  Learn how to analyse the Oxygen content in a tank, plan you dive time with extended bottom time and learn about the limits of diving using Enriched Air.  And if you complete one more Nitrox Dive after the Advanced Course you will be able to get your Nitrox certification.

Underwater Naturalist: Improve your knowledge of the underwater environment and the huge range of creatures which live in it. There's a lot more down there than you may have first thought and the Gili Islands are home to an incredible array of marine life.

Peak performance buoyancy: Although we will be working on your general diving skills throughout the course, this dive will concentrate 100% on your buoyancy skills. We will be taking you into our specifically designed underwater structure to hone your skills.

Drift Diving: Not much swimming involved here, just get in the water and let the current take you along the reef. Most dives around the Gilis are drift dives but sometimes you do need to know how to deal with stronger currents that may not necessarily be going the direction you want.

Night Diving: Diving by torchlight, this specialty opens up a whole new world, as the daytime life goes to sleep, the night shift comes out in the form of lobsters, crabs, shrimps and the phosphorescence has to be seen to be believed. Night dives are simply amazing and in a lot of ways more relaxing than day dives, but you need to learn the skills required to avoid disorientation buddy separation and to see all the cool stuff that comes out at night.  

Computer Diving: Increase your allowable bottom time while staying well within the safety limits, this module covers use of diving computers.

Marine Ecology: Learn about the human impact on coral reefs and the underwater environment in general.

Shark Ecology: Learn about how these beautiful creatures and their behaviour are often misunderstood, how to separate shark facts from fiction and how you can safely observe them in their natural habitat.

Underwater Digital Photography: This speaks for itself, but isn't as easy as you think as unfortunately fish don't pose.

advance course Prerequisites

Before you start your Advanced Adventurer Course, have a look at the following prerequisites.

    • For students up to 12 years old, the depth is limited up to a maximum of 12 meters
    • For students 12-14 years old, the depth is limited up to a maximum of 21 meters for the Adventure Deep Dive

What course Comes Next?

After you've complete the Advanced course you have have a lot more possibilities to dive so it is advisable to get more experience by diving and continually improve your diving skills. After that you have several options to continue your diving education and experience.

  • Use your new certificate and go on a fun dive with Manta Dive to explore the deeper advanced dive sites
  • Become a Rescue Diver by joining us on a Stress and Rescue Course.

Ready to go  diving?

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