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Deep Diver Specialty

Dive deeper, explore different marine life and reefs and enjoy the peace and quiet even further below the surface. The Deep Diver Specialty allows you to explore the underwater world surrounding the Gili Islands to a whole new level.

  • Age:
  • Duration:
    2 - 3 days
  • Max dive depth:
    40 meters
  • Price:
Turtle - Deep Diver Specialty - Scuba Diving at Manta Dive on the Gili Islands Indonesia

Once you start becoming more comfortable in the water, you’ll want to go deeper and the Deep diver Specialty Certification will allow you to explore the depths around the gili islands.

the Deep Diver Specialty at Manta Dive gili trawangan

An intro to the Deep Diver Specialty

The Deep Diver Specialty course allows divers access to more exciting dive sites located in deeper waters. You’ll be able to safely and comfortably plan and execute dives to a maximum depth of 40 meters. This is a perfect way to expand your diving experience and join the more advanced dives.

The Deep Diving Specialty at Manta Dive is done over 2 days and consists of 4 dives at different depths covering several stunning dive sites around the Gili Islands in Indonesia. During your surface intervals your diving instructor will cover the necessary deep diving theory with you to ensure that all dives are safely executed.

Your first dive will put you between 18-24 meters, dive number two will get you to 24 – 30 meters and your final dive will get you to 30-40 meters. Dive sites around the Gili's that you will dive could include: Shark Point, Simon's Reef, Deep Turtle Point, Halik and many others.

You’ll learn the theory and considerations behind deep diving along with some basic skills under water.

What (course) Comes Next?

After you’re done, you have several options to continue your scuba diving experience.

  • Use your new certificate and go on a fun dive with Manta Dive
  • Combine this course with your Nitrox Specialty 
  • Complete one of the dozens of SSI Specialty Courses designed to fit every type of diver.
  • Begin your pro level journey by enrolling in the Manta Dive Divemaster Program since you’ve now just completed one of the pre-requisites

Ready to go?

Just hit the button or give us a shout if you have any questions.

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